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Subscribe To the Below titles, 

Top-up $11.11 to get 1 year NatGeo Kids/Little Kids 

With FREE Fleece Jacket + Coloring Set


How this promo works:

1. Subscribe to the below titles: 

        a. National Geographic Magazine (Main) 

        b. National Geographic History 

        c. National Geographic Special Issue 

2. Select Subscription Period

3. Select "Top-Up $11.11 for Annual subs of Natgeo 

    Kids/Little Kids".

4. Confirmation Email will be sent within 5-7 working


How this promo works:

1. Select cover at $11.11, limited time discounted

    rate! U.P.: $19.90 per copy.


Terms & Conditions

1. The Above 2 promotions are limited time offer

    from 11/11/2020 - 15/11/2020

2. All Free Gifts will be delivered within 3-4 months. 

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