1 Copy of NGSI-Wonders Of The World +1 copy of NGSI-Natural Home Remedies(PAS)

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    This Special Bundle consists of the following:


    1 copy of NGSI - Wonders Of The World +

    1 copy of NGSI - Natural Home Remedies 

    NGSI - Wonders Of The World

    Immense natural forces stretching back millions of years have created places of extraordinary strangeness, size, and beauty. Wonders of the World chronicles these awe inspiring places which include the Great Rift Valley in East Africa; the virtually unexplored Bahamas Blue Holes; and fearsome Mount Everest.


    NGSI - Natural Home Remedies

    For hundreds of years, simple home remedies were used to treat minor injuries, ailments, and pains. Natural Home Remedies revives these time-tested cures using simple ingredients from your spice rack, pantry, or health food store—from mint tea for stomach-ache to turmeric for sprains. Herbal remedies are just the beginning. Natural choices include everything from green bath products and house cleaners to massage techniques and memory exercises. The easy-to-follow recipes combine the authority of science with age-old folklore. Highlights include quick tips and cautions, habits for a healthy lifestyle, directions for using herbs and essential oils, and traditional therapies from around the world.