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Apr 2022 - NGM Single Copy

Apr 2022 - NGM Single Copy


Exploring Islands in the Sky:

In the remote southeastern region of the Venezuelan rain forest, majestic stone plateaus, called tepuis, rise hundreds of feet above the jungle canopy. Formed by several thousand years of erosion, each tepui represents a lost world. We will document the unique ecosystems and animal species that have evolved in isolation there for millennia. Photographer David Liittschwager and best-selling author Jenny Holland highlight their work in seahorse conservation and the threats to
their habitats. A National Geographic Society team of scientists is examining the causes and effects of plastic waste on the Ganges and its riverside communities. The article on Cuban songbirds delves into the complex relationship between captive songbirds, their owners, and conservation efforts. Photographer Denis Dailleux regularly goes to Ghana in West Africa, where he explores the relationships between the body and space, life and death, and community and the sea.

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