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Jan 2024 - NGM Single Copy

Jan 2024 - NGM Single Copy



Monarch butterflies are one of the most iconic species in North America. They are long-distance migrants that every year travel up to 3,000 miles from the prairies in Canada and the US to hibernate in the fir forests of Central Mexico. This wildlife spectacle is full of dazzling natural history enigmas that have kept scientists busy for over 50 years. It involves a multigeneration life-cycle; yet-to-be-understood GPS skills; and an evolutionary arms race with a common weed species, milkweed. Other features in this issue include:

• Experience at the visual power of Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark showing how the Endangered Species Act not only protects individual plants and animals but also the creatures with whom their lives are intertwined.

• Photographer Jasper Doest’s experience in an uninhabited, solitary place called Rottumeroog island and the message in a bottle he found.

• A look at advancement in science and technology that are aiding the longevity of child-bearing years.

• Photographer Lynsey Addario’s investigation into grassroots environmental efforts to protect the rainforest and uncontacted tribes from illegal logging & drug trafficking

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