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Jun 2023 - NGM Single Copy

Jun 2023 - NGM Single Copy



Remote and desolate, the Gila National Forest in New Mexico is beautiful-but it's a cruel beauty. Read a recount of a weeklong hiking/camping transect of the first wilderness in the United States, in the Gila's 3.3 million acres of forested hills, majestic mountains and rang land. Explore ancient cliff dwellings and hear ghost stories, and tales of escaped convicts, Gila monsters, Mexican wolves, and Apache past. Other features in this issue include:

  • Photographer Laurent Ballesta's surprising and delightful expedition to document the hissing and spitting of hydrothermal vents on the seabed of underwater valcanoes in the Mediterranean.
  • The organizations and scientists working towards sustainable solutions in the global bushmeat trade.
  • Researchers testing the chemical composition of iron artifacts to confirm if meteorites were used to craft early iron objects.
  • A look at the relatively secluded village of Noiva do Corderio in Southeast Brazil, a thriving community where the inhabitants are seemly so content the youth have no desire to leave, and more than half of the residents are women.
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