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June 2024 - NGM Single Copy

June 2024 - NGM Single Copy


In the past two decades, scientists and medical researchers have established that stress is an insidious poison to our overall health. This cover story will tie together three elements: the science of what stress – including stress from social isolation – does to human health; the biology of how stress produces these harmful effects, and the developmentof interventions to counter its effects.Other features in this issue include:
•How the findings of a team of researchers now permitted to explore lava tubes formed by the three-month volcanic eruption on La Palma (one of the Canary Islands) can inform space exploration and the development of biotechnology.
•An exploration of the Gulf of Maine, a breathtaking wilderness and historic regional location, which now finds itself at the epicenter of climate change, and is a harbinger of what the rest of Earth’s oceans will soon experience
•A look into how the history and cultural heritage of stateless people is being preserved, told through those who have risked their lives to save the history of their homelands.

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