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Mar 2023 - NGM Single Copy

Mar 2023 - NGM Single Copy


For decades, leaders from Egypt to Nigeria to Peru have called for the return of cultural treasures “looted” by European explorers and colonizers. For the most part such pleas have fallen on deaf ears, but that’s beginning to change. This story will explore some of the most hotly debated questions of our post-colonial times: Where do the world’s great cultural treasures belong? Are the renowned museums of Europe and North America stewards of all humanity’s story—or storehouses of stolen goods? Also, photographer Andy Parkinson brings us a look at iconic mountain hares, the UK’s only native species of lagomorph which has adapted over thousands of years to life in the Scottish Highlands, and recently given protected species status under Scottish law. Learn about modern-day Lebanon and the challenges it faces; travel with photographer David Guttenfelder to Lake Superior’s dangerously beautiful Apostle Islands, dominated by boreal forests and surrounded by unforgiving waters; and marvel at the visual-led short feature focused on the wide variety of spider species worldwide.

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