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Jul 2023 - NGM Single Copy

Jul 2023 - NGM Single Copy



To Celebrate the National Geographic Society's 135th anniversary, the July 2023 feature issue is devoted to exploration. Read highlights from the Society's moment of discovery. Learn about the history of exploration: the explorer has been a conqueror, adventurer, showman, scientist, and now there's a new archetype - the reconciler, someone to help us understand how we got here and to prevent history from repeating itself. Other features in the issue include:

  • National Geographic Explorer and photographer Thomas Peschak's participation in the National Geographic Perpetual Planet Amazon Expedition - a two-year series of scientific studies spanning the entire Amazon River basin, where he will be documenting the biodiversity and ecology, and giving a voice to local communities and indigenous people who are facing the threats to their land head-on.
  • National Geographic Explorer Lee Berger's underground descent sparked by return expeditions of South Africa's Rising Star cave system and new uncovered clues of the behavior of Homo naledi.
  • The first ever shark rewilding program to return several shark species to waters where they've been wiped out, being documented by photographer and Explorer David Doubilet and Jen Hayes.
  • National Geographic Explorers from diverse background who are breaking new ground in exploration around the world.
  • Paul Salopek's 18-month 3,600-miles south-to-north "walking journey" through China's most culturally and biologically diverse frontier province.
  • Death and Resilience Among Mexican Immigrants in the Face of COVID: A small town in the mountain of Mexico, relatives in New York, and an economic, political, and cultural exchange disrupted by COVID. 
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