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Jul/Aug 2023 - NGH Single Copy

Jul/Aug 2023 - NGH Single Copy


HISTORY Jul/Aug 2023

The Great Sphinx has guarded the pyramids of Giza for more than 4,500 years. Repurposed by kings, buried and unearthed again and again, the massive icon embodies the longevity and majesty of Egypt. Other features in this issue include;

  • Cradle of Invention - As the ruins of ancient Sumer began to emerge in the 20th century,scholars discovered that the innovative Sumerians had developed many of humanity's firsts: city living, writing, and a code of laws.
  • Rome's Unruly Royals - The last three kings of Rome brought the culture of their native Etruria to the city - along with plots and intrigues. By 509 B.C., Rome had its fill of troublesome rexes, put an end to their rule, and founded the republic.
  • Mystery of the Maya Collapse - Bustling Maya cities were teeming with activity across Mesoamerica until suddenly, in the ninth century A.D., they stopped. Cities were abandoned and building left unfinished . What calamity struck the Maya?
  • Meade Versus Lee - the U.S Civil War reached its turning point after three days of vicious fighting over the hills and in the field of Gettysburg in July 1863.


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