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July2020 Issue-FREE Delivery Included

July2020 Issue-FREE Delivery Included


FREE Delivery Included on 2nd week of July. 

Coronavirus: A Special Report

· Seeing the Pandemic Around the World: Photographers are known for roaming widely to document life on Earth. Despite being constrained by lockdowns and quarantines, they were still on the job.

· Why Weren’t We Ready for This? Science journalists have long cautioned that the world was unprepared for pandemics such as COVID-19.

· We Are Not Made for the New Normal: In perilous times, our deepest human impulse is to draw close to each other— the very thing we’ve been told not to do in the wake of COVID-19.

· When the Virus Came to Kenya: Staying safe from the coronavirus can be an unaffordable luxury in one of the world’s most unequal countries.

· Hands Free of Virus - A Clean Challenge: Some three billion people—40 percent of the global population— lack basic facilities at home to wash their hands with soap and water. Will the pandemic change that?

Everest - Journey to the Roof of the World: Nearly a century ago, Andrew “Sandy” Irvine and George Mallory vanished on Everest. Were they the first to make it to the top?

Poster - Roof of the World: See a drone’s-eye view and map of Earth’s “third pole.”

The Looming Crisis Over Water: The Indus River is vital to 270 million people.

Making Glaciers in Northern India: Ice towers help fight climate change effects.

The Himalaya’s Ghost Leopards: Conservation boosts snow leopard sightings.

A New Window Into the Weather: Everest stations will gauge climate change.


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