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Mar 2022 - NGM Single Copy

Mar 2022 - NGM Single Copy


Into The Depths:

Across the world, Black scuba divers are searching for lost shipwrecks of the transatlantic slave trade. These ships trafficked millions of enslaved Africans to the Americas from the 15th to the 19th centuries. National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts upends her life to join a group of Black scuba divers searching for these lost shipwrecks. Follow her as she documents these wrecks and explores the complex history of the global slave trade—honoring the stories of an estimated 1.8 million unsung souls who perished on the route of the Middle Passage. Winters in the Alps are getting shorter and glaciers there are shrinking, both due to climate change. But scientists are devising ways to “farm” snow—saving it from one winter season to use the next winter—and to preserve glaciers. Also, learn about India’s Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, Colombia’s social leaders risking their lives for environmental, racial, and land justice, and grasshoppers in Uganda, both a delicacy and a source of income.

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