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Mar 2024 - NGM Single Copy

Mar 2024 - NGM Single Copy



Why do people love to hate hyenas? They are widely regarded as dimwitted scavengers with a demonic laugh, but they are whip-smart, canny carnivores and the most successful hunters in all of Africa. Read about how they are also intelligent and loving, forming intricate family bonds rivaling those of primates. Other features in this issue include:

• A look inside the return of the LiDAR team to Guatemala to explore how a nation that is economically impoverished yet rich in cultural and ecological treasures blaze a path toward sustainable development

• Explore our annual list of superlative destinations for the year ahead – places filled with wonder, rewarding to travelers of all ages, and supportive of local communities and ecosystems.

• Learn about several tests underway to diagnose Alzheimer’s early, including one in Colombia with a family with a genetic mutation that dooms them to early-onset dementia.

• An examination of the variety of marine life in the twilight zone 200 meters below the ocean surface and its importance as a carbon sink.

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