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May/Jun 2023 - NGH Single Copy

May/Jun 2023 - NGH Single Copy



In an age of strongmen, Tokugawa Ieyasu succeeded where all others had failed. Appointed shogun in 1603, he united Japan after years of civil war, imposing a stable, if repressive, system that lasted for centuries. Other features in this issue include:
• Mystery of Multiple Mummies - Victor Loret’s 1898 discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep II was already a sensation when he stumbled on a dozen more royal mummies stashed in its side chambers. Who were they, and why were they there?
• Weapons of Classical Destruction - Biowarfare is not a modern concept. The ancient Greeks used nature’s weapons to poison water supplies, tip arrows with venom, and devise flamethrowers and toxic smoke machines.
• Life at Vindolanda - Party invitations, troop lists, and requests for beer are among the missives found at the Roman frontier fort in England. Finds at the site are revealing intimate details of life in the empire’s northernmost region.
• Family Life of Franz Josef - Behind his staid public image, Franz Josef of Austria’s private life was often in turmoil—from the strife between his controlling mother and young wife to the dalliances of his reckless son whom he never thought fit to rule.

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