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Oct 2023 - NGM Single Copy

Oct 2023 - NGM Single Copy



The Artemis program has an audacious goal of returning humankind to the moon - and setting the stage for Mars and beyond. Such feats of exploration are not simply destined: They are deliberate, the product of years of hard word and planning on the part hundreds of thousand of diverse people. Documenting this effort will let the world and future generations see humankind at its best, as it once against visits Earth's closest cosmic companion. National Geographic is uniquely well-suited to play a key role in telling this story. Our legacy, global reach, and spaceflight experience give us confidence that we will create innovative experience that will inform and inspire the Artemis generation in the U.S and around the world. Artemis is not just about sending the next four humans to the moon: National Geographic is partnering with NASA to bring the moon to the eight billion people back on earth, as never before. Other features in this issue include:

  • A story using early data and images from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope as well as the latest advances from computer modeling, ground-based observations, and modern satellite to investigate one of the foundation questions of humankind. How did we get here?
  •   A look at the race to visit an alien moon and how exploring these distant ocean world is a vital part of understanding our own planet.
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