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Sep/Oct 2023 - NGH Single Copy

Sep/Oct 2023 - NGH Single Copy


HISTORY Sep/Oct 2023
Magic of MERLIN

The granddaddy of Gandalf and Dumbledore, Merlin was created by Medieval bards who gave him a key role in the stories of King Arthur. Later, England's king used the mythical wizard to lend legitmacy to their rule. Other features in this issue include:

  • Bullish in Memphis - For roughly 3,000 years, the Apis bull of Memphis was one of ancient Egypt's most sacred beasts. Believed to be the living incarnation of the god Ptah, the bull was pampered, prayed to, and paraded.
  • Roman Magic - Defying dracoian laws against sorcery, Romans of all classes resorted to private magic, brandishing amulets against the evil eye, curse tablets against enemies, and wax dolls pierced with pins to capture hearts.
  • Mystery of the Bog Bodies - Executed, murdered, or sacrified? For centuries, lifelike corpses have been found in the murky wetlands of northern Europe. Historians are slowly working out how-and why-they met their fates.
  • Leonardo's Legacy - Containing thousands of pages of jotting and sketches, the notebook of Leonardo da Vinci reveal the hand, eye, and mind of the Renaissance genius in action.   


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