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Apr 2024 - NGM Single Copy

Apr 2024 - NGM Single Copy



We’re only just starting to learn the outsized importance of fungi, a vast and little-understood kingdom. This package will highlight cutting-edge research in the world that holds so much promise for humanity—and so much potential for peril. Other features in this issue include:

• Follow the progress of the excavation of an extraordinary mosaic floor buried beneath the ruins of a 1,600-year-old synagogue in northern Israel.

• Explore how our disregard for the environment and the short-sightedness of the fast fashion industry with the backdrop of the Atacama Desert can also lead to garments’ transformation from waste to useful materials.

• Photographer takes an inside look at the lives of the world’s most extraordinary visual storytellers. • A look at the whopping crane, an icon of North American wildlife conservation and the gauntlet of environmental threats they still face.

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