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Jan 2023 - NGM Single Copy

Jan 2023 - NGM Single Copy



Can medical advances allow humans to control the aging process and live in good health into our hundreds or longer? What is the limit of the human lifespan? How far can technology push it? How far should we try to go? These questions lie at the heart of this story. We’ll interview biotech investors; centenarians who allow researchers to probe their brains and bodies; and people who have traveled to clinics for young blood, stem cell implants, and other supposed anti-aging therapies not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Also, read about modern challenges facing shrinking manatee populations and their fight for survival; the looting of antiquities from the ancient Kingdom of Mustang in remote, northern Nepal; and how Aymaran girls skateboard in
Bolivia to reclaim their Indigenous heritage.

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