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May 2023 - NGM Single Copy

May 2023 - NGM Single Copy



Very little is known about the behavior and biology of the Asian elephant. Read how scientists are working to fill in those gaps so that people can better learn how to co-exist with the behemoths in an increasingly urbanized landscape. Can we live among them? Reporting from India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand highlights challenges and solutions. Learn how their revered status can help: with one-third of the animals in captivity, their role in religion and culture may have saved them from extinction. Other features in this issue include:
• The troubled legacy of Indian boarding schools in the United States through portraits of survivors.
• Photographer Andy Sands’ close-up studies reveal in surprising detail the weird world of slime molds that exists underneath our feet.
• The story of Kosovo examines how a youthful country of Albanian Muslims that declared its independence from Serbia less than 15 years ago is emerging from poverty, sovereignty disputes, and the scars of war.
• Photographer Stefano Unterthiner spent a year in Svalbard documenting the changing landscape and the range of wildlife that calls this stunning Arctic Island home.

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