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May 2024 - NGM Single Copy

May 2024 - NGM Single Copy



The May issue of National Geographic explores “Secrets of the Octopuses,” with a closer look into the latest findings about octopus’ behavior, cognition, and social dynamics. Photographed by David Liittschwager, the visually stunning feature also dives into the challenges of ethical octopus research and shines a light on the fact that the U.S. Animal Welfare Act does not protect the species. Other features in this issue include:

• Learn about the fate of Zoroastrians, a very ancient religion, and its followers in the 21st century.

• Explore cave art found throughout the United States.

• A look into the race to find and save the world’s smallest primate, the Madagascar Lemur.

• Explore the one of the UK’s hidden beauties, unique chalk rivers

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